Accepted Posters

TitleAuthors#Table String
Adiabatic Spectroscopy and a Variational Quantum Adiabatic AlgorithmBenjamin Schiffer, Jordi Tura Brugués and Ignacio Cirac11A2P011
Consequences of preserving reversibility in quantum superchannelsWataru Yokojima, Marco Túlio Quintino, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao12A2P012
Necessary Criteria for Markovian Divisibility of Linear MapsMatthias C. Caro and Benedikt R. Graswald14C2P014
The Power of One Clean Qubit in Communication ComplexityDebbie Huey Chih Lim and Hartmut Klauck23A2P023
Uncomputably Complex Renormalisation Group FlowsJames Watson, Emilio Onorati and Toby Cubitt28C2P028
Approximate Bacon-Shor Code and HolographyChunjun Cao and Brad Lackey30C2P030
Solvable Criterion for the Contextuality of any Prepare-and-Measure ScenarioVictor Gitton and Mischa Woods35C2P035
Variational Quantum Algorithms for Trace Distance and Fidelity EstimationRanyiliu Chen, Zhixin Song, Xuanqiang Zhao and Xin Wang43D4P043
Lower bound the T-count via unitary stabilizer nullityJiaqing Jiang and Xin Wang47A2P047
Measurement-device-independent entanglement detection for continuous-variable systemsPaolo Abiuso, Stefan Baeuml, Daniel Cavalcanti and Antonio Acin50D4P050
Optimal noise estimation from syndrome statistics of quantum codesThomas Wagner, Hermann Kampermann, Dagmar Bruß and Martin Kliesch55A2P055
Entangled subspaces and generic local state discrimination with pre-shared entanglementBenjamin Lovitz and Nathaniel Johnston56C2P056
Quantum Polarization of Qudit ChannelsAshutosh Kumar Goswami, Mehdi Mhalla and Valentin Savin67C2P067
Universal Translationally Invariant HamiltoniansStephen Piddock and Johannes Bausch68C2P068
Quantum Newton’s method for approximately solving system of nonlinear equationsCheng Xue, Yu-Chun Wu and Guo-Ping Guo73A2P073
Policies for elementary link generation in quantum networksSumeet Khatri75C2P075
Physical Implementability of Quantum Maps and Its Application in Error MitigationJiaqing Jiang, Kun Wang and Xin Wang78C2P078
Analyzing the barren plateau phenomenon in training quantum neural networks with the ZX-calculusChen Zhao and Xiao-Shan Gao81A2P081
Quantum scrambling with classical shadowsRoy J. Garcia, You Zhou and Arthur Jaffe82C3P082
Computer-Inspired Concept for High-Dimensional Multipartite Quantum GatesXiaoqin Gao87C3P087
Quantum Advantage with Shallow Circuits under Arbitrary CorruptionAtsuya Hasegawa and François Le Gall88C3P088
Provable superior accuracy in machine learned quantum modelsChengran Yang, Andrew Garner, Feiyang Liu, Man-Hong Yung, Nora Tischler, Jayne Thompson, Mile Gu and Oscar Dahlsten89A2P089
Numerical Implementation of Just-In-Time Decoding in Novel Lattice Slices Through the Three-Dimensional Surface CodeTom Scruby, Dan Browne, Paul Webster and Michael Vasmer90C3P090
Certifying the Classical Simulation Cost of a Quantum ChannelBrian Doolittle and Eric Chitambar91C3P091
Asymptotic state transformations of continuous variable resourcesGiovanni Ferrari, Ludovico Lami, Thomas Theurer and Martin Plenio92A2P092
Quantum Capacity of a bosonic dephasing channelAmir Arqand, Laleh Memarzadeh and Stefano Mancini93C3P093
Bell nonlocality is not sufficient for the security of standard device-independent quantum key distribution protocolsMáté Farkas, Maria Balanzó-Juandó, Karol Łukanowski, Jan Kołodyński and Antonio Acín100A3P100
Quantum Finite Volume Method for Computational Fluid Dynamics with Classical Input and OutputZhao-Yun Chen, Cheng Xue, Si-Ming Chen, Guo-Ping Guo, Bin-Han Lu, Yu-Chun Wu, Ju-Chun Ding and Sheng-Hong Huang112A3P112
Time and Query Optimal Quantum Algorithms Based on Decision TreesLeila Taghavi, Salman Beigi and Artin Tajdini116A3P116
When quantum boundary meets the non-signaling boundaryKai-Siang Chen, Jun-Yi Wu, Gelo Noel Tabia, Pei-Sheng Lin and Yeong-Cherng Liang118A3P118
A Hybrid Quantum-Classical Hamiltonian Learning AlgorithmYoule Wang, Guangxi Li and Xin Wang121A3P121
Efficiently generating ground states is hard for postselected quantum computationYuki Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Takahashi and Seiichiro Tani122A3P122
Quantum Measurement Detection AlgorithmsGuillermo Lugilde Fernández, Elías Fernández-Combarro and Ignacio Fernández Rúa123A3P123
Randomizing multi-product formulas for improved Hamiltonian simulationPaul K Faehrmann, Mark Steudtner, Richard Kueng, Maria Kieferova and Jens Eisert130A3P130
Transitivity of Quantum NonlocalityYu-Chun Yin, Gelo Noel Tabia, Jebarathinam Chellasamy and Yeong-Cherng Liang132D4P132
Client-Server Identification Protocols with Quantum PUFMina Doosti, Niraj Kumar, Mahshid Delavar and Elham Kashefi133A3P133
Jordan products of quantum channels and their compatibilityMark Girard, Martin Plávala and Jamie Sikora134C3P134
Identifying the Higgs boson using quantum classifiersVasilis Belis, Samuel González-Castillo, Christina Reissel, Sofia Vallecorsa, Elias F. Combarro, Günther Dissertori and Florentin Reiter138C3P138
Some Results on a Poset of Quantum Exact Promise ProblemsElias F. Combarro, Sofia Vallecorsa, Alberto Di Meglio, Alejandro Piñera and Ignacio F. Rua140A4P140
Symmetric distinguishability as a quantum resourceRobert Salzmann, Nilanjana Datta, Gilad Gour, Xin Wang and Mark M. Wilde141C3P141
Space efficient quantum algorithms for mode, min-entropy and k-distinctnessDebajyoti Bera and Sapv Tharrmashastha142A4P142
Coherent control and distinguishability of quantum channels via PBS-diagramsCyril Branciard, Alexandre Clément, Mehdi Mhalla and Simon Perdrix143D2P143
Nonlinear transformation of complex amplitudes via quantum singular value transformationNaixu Guo, Kosuke Mitarai and Kesuke Fujii147D2P147
Decay of mutual information for Gibbs states of local HamiltoniansAndreas Bluhm, Ángela Capel and Antonio Pérez-Hernández150A4P150
Emergent statistical mechanics from properties of disordered random matrix product statesJonas Haferkamp, Christian Bertoni, Ingo Roth and Jens Eisert151A4P151
Evaluating Noise-Adaptive Quantum Compiling Strategies with Application-Motivated BenchmarksDavide Ferrari and Michele Amoretti153D2P153
Hyper-hybrid entanglement and the fidelity of quantum teleportation limit each otherSoumya Das, Goutam Paul and Anindya Banerji156D2P156
Scalable Neural Decoder for Topological Surface CodesKai Meinerz, Chae-Yeun Park and Simon Trebst164A4P164
Learning with Optimized Random Features: End-to-End Application of Exponential Speedup by Quantum Machine Learning without Sparsity and Low-Rankness AssumptionsHayata Yamasaki, Sathyawageeswar Subramanian, Sho Sonoda and Masato Koashi170B3P170
Behavior of Analog Quantum AlgorithmsLucas Brady, Lucas Kocia, Przemek Bienias, Aniruddha Bapat, Yaroslav Kharkov and Alexey Gorshkov175D2P175
Gaussian dephasing noise spectroscopy by qudit spectatorsClara Javaherian, Chris Ferrie and Gerardo Paz Silva181A4P181
Catalytic EntanglementTulja Varun Kondra, Chandan Datta and Alexander Streltsov184D2P184
Measuring the projective-unitary invariant properties of a set of states, and applicationsMichał Oszmaniec, Daniel Brod and Ernesto Galvão187D2P187
Testing identity of collections of quantum states: sampling complexity analysisMarco Fanizza, Raffaele Salvia and Vittorio Giovannetti191D2P191
Virtual Distillation for Quantum Error MitigationWilliam J. Huggins, Sam McArdle, Thomas E. O’Brien, Joonho Lee, Nicholas C. Rubin, Sergio Boixo, K. Birgitta Whaley, Ryan Babbush and Jarrod R. McClean192D4P192
General Quantum Resource Theories: Maximal Resources, Catalytic Replication, and Consistent MeasuresKohdai Kuroiwa and Hayata Yamasaki198A4P198
The geometry of Bloch space in the context of quantum random access codesLaura Mančinska and Sigurd Storgaard207B2P207
Achieving fault tolerance against amplitude-damping noiseAkshaya Jayashankar, Hoang Long My Duy, Hui Khoon Ng and Prabha Mandayam211B2P211
Lower Bound and Optimal Quantum Algorithm for Expectation Values from a System of Linear EquationsAbhijeet Alase, Robert R. Nerem, Mohsen Bagherimehrab, Peter Høyer and Barry C. Sanders214D2P214
Process-optimized phase covariant quantum cloningChloe Kim and Eric Chitambar217D3P217
Unconstrained Binary Models of the Travelling Salesman Problem Variants for Quantum OptimizationAdam Glos, Jarosław Adam Miszczak and Özlem Salehi221B2P221
Limits of Short-Time Quantum AnnealingAli Hamed Moosavian, Seyed Sajad Kahani and Salman Beigi222D4P222
Fully Device Independent Quantum Private QueryJyotirmoy Basak and Kaushik Chakraborty226B2P226
Deniable Public-Key Authenticated Quantum Key ExchangeJeroen van Wier, Arash Atashpendar and Peter Roenne234D3P234
Quantum Fano Inequality for Additive EntropiesAndrei Tanasescu and Pantelimon George Popescu235B2P235
Infeasible space reduction for QAOA through encoding changeLudmila Botelho, Adam Glos, Akash Kundu, Jarosław Adam Miszczak, Özlem Salehi and Zoltán Zimborás236B2P236
SYSTEMATIC ERROR CORRECTION FOR QUANTUM FOURIER TRANSFORM ON IBM QCarolina Allende, André Fonseca De Oliveira and Efrain Buksman246D3P246
On the error exponents of binary state discrimination with composite hypothesesMilán Mosonyi, Zsombor Szilágyi and Mihály Weiner247B2P247
Routed quantum circuitsAugustin Vanrietvelde, Hlér Kristjánsson and Jonathan Barrett248B2P248
An efficient quantum algorithm for the time evolution of parameterized circuitsStefano Barison, Filippo Vicentini and Giuseppe Carleo249D3P249
Quantum Energy Lines and the optimal output ergotropy problemSalvatore Tirone, Raffaele Salvia and Vittorio Giovannetti250D3P250
QUANTUM FORTUNE WHEELNaresh Raghava Gudapati, Rohit Thampy, Rakesh R C and Megha Babu251D3P251
Device-independent quantum key distribution based on Bell inequalities with more than two inputs and two outputsJunior Ricardo Gonzales-Ureta, Ana Predojevic and Adan Cabello252D3P252
Quantum Amplitude Amplification OperatorsHyeokjea Kwon and Joonwoo Bae253B3P253
Quantum Algorithm for the Longest Path ProblemKamil Khadiev and Ruslan Kapralov254B3P254
Hierarchical Extreme Quantum Machine Learning with Tensor and Neural Networks in the NISQ EraPinaki Sen, Alberto Romo and Amandeep Bhatia255D3P255
Multi-qubit Quantum Finite Automata Using Structured PhotonsStephen Z. D. Plachta, Markus Hiekkamäki, Abuzer Yakaryilmaz and Robert Fickler256B3P256
AQSort: A quantum sorting algorithm for adiabatic quantum computersMatthias Werner, Marta P. Estarellas and Artur Garcia Saez257B3P257
Comparing Quantum Software Development Kits for Introductory Level EducationMarija Šćekić and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz258D3P258
Translating information into a larger gap in quantum annealing algorithmsAna Palacios de Luis, Marta P. Estarellas and Artur Garcia Saez259B3P259