Thursday, July 8th

Pre-recorded talks – Thursday, July 8th – Youtube playlist
10:00Open problem session
11:15The XZZX Surface Code
Pablo Bonilla, David Tuckett, Stephen Bartlett, Steven Flammia and Benjamin Brown
11:25Universal Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing with Stabiliser Codes
Paul Webster, Michael Vasmer, Thomas R. Scruby and Stephen D. Bartlett
11:35[Merged] Efficient estimation of Pauli observables by derandomization & Robust shadow estimation
Hsin-Yuan Huang, Richard Kueng and John Preskill & Senrui Chen, Wenjun Yu, Pei Zeng and Steven T. Flammia
11:50Measurement Error Mitigation via Truncated Neumann Series
Kun Wang, Yu-Ao Chen and Xin Wang
12:30Explicit constructions of exact unitary t-designs and applications to higher-order randomized benchmarking
Yoshifumi Nakata, Da Zhao, Takayuki Okuda, Eiichi Bannai, Yasunari Suzuki, Shiro Tamiya, Kentaro Heya, Zhiguang Yan, Kun Zuo, Shuhei Tamate, Yutaka Tabuchi and Yasunobu Nakamura
12:40Fast and robust quantum state tomography from few basis measurements
Daniel Stilck França, Richard Kueng and Fernando Brandao
12:50Sample Efficient Algorithms for Learning Quantum Channels in PAC Model and the Approximate State Discrimination Problem
Kai-Min Chung and Han-Hsuan Lin
13:00A general framework for randomized benchmarking
Jonas Helsen, Ingo Roth, Emilio Onorati, Albert Werner and Jens Eisert
13:10Matchgate benchmarking: Scalable benchmarking of a continuous family of many-qubit gates
Jonas Helsen, Sepehr Nezami, Matthew Reagor and Michael Walter
17:00Invited talk: Scott Aaronson
BQP After 28 Years
18:15Efficient learning of quantum extensive observables
Daniel Stilck França and Cambyse Rouze
18:25Single-shot error correction of three-dimensional homological product codes
Armanda O. Quintavalle, Michael Vasmer, Joschka Roffe and Earl Campbell
18:35Limitations on transversal gates for hypergraph product codes
Simon Burton and Dan Browne
18:45Balanced Product Quantum Codes
Nikolas Breuckmann and Jens Eberhardt
18:55Subsystem codes with high thresholds by gauge fixing and reduced qubit overhead
Oscar Higgott and Nikolas Breuckmann
19:30RLD Fisher Information Bound for Multiparameter Estimation of Quantum Channels
Vishal Katariya and Mark Wilde
19:40The quantum Wasserstein distance of order 1
Giacomo De Palma, Milad Marvian, Dario Trevisan and Seth Lloyd
19:50‘Interaction-Free’ Channel Discrimination
Markus Hasenöhrl and Michael M. Wolf
20:00Faster Digital Quantum Simulation by Symmetry Protection
Minh Tran, Yuan Su, Daniel Carney and Jake Taylor
20:10Quantum Gravity in the Lab: Teleportation by Size and Traversable Wormholes
Adam Brown, Hrant Gharibyan, Stefan Leichenauer, Henry Lin, Sepehr Nezami, Grant Salton, Leonard Susskind, Brian Swingle and Michael Walter