Wednesday, July 7th

Pre-recorded talks – Wednesday, July 7th – Youtube playlist
10:00Invited talk: Kai-Min Chung
Tight Quantum Time-Space Tradeoffs for Function Inversion
11:15Lieb-Robinson bound and almost linear light cone in interacting boson systems
Tomotaka Kuwahara and Keiji Saito
11:25StoqMA meets distribution testing
Yupan Liu
11:35Optimization at the boundary of the tensor network variety
Daniel Stilck França, Fulvio Gesmundo, Matthias Christandl and Albert H. Werner
11:45General conditions for universality of quantum Hamiltonians
Tamara Kohler, Stephen Piddock, Johannes Bausch and Toby Cubitt
11:55The Complexity of Translationally Invariant Problems beyond Ground State Energies James Watson, Johannes Bausch and Sevag Gharibian
12:30A Direct Product Theorem for One-Way Quantum Communication
Rahul Jain and Srijita Kundu
12:40One-shot manipulation of dynamical quantum resources
Bartosz Regula and Ryuji Takagi
12:50Geometric Renyi Divergence and its Applications in Quantum Channel Capacities
Kun Fang and Hamza Fawzi
13:00No-go theorems for quantum resource purification: universal theories and practical applications
Kun Fang and Zi-Wen Liu
13:10Stabilizer extent is not multiplicative
Arne Heimendahl, Felipe Montealegre-Mora, Frank Vallentin and David Gross
16:30Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for approximate graph coloring
Sergey Bravyi, Alexander Kliesch, Robert Koenig and Eugene Tang
16:40Quantum algorithms for matrix scaling and matrix balancing
Joran van Apeldoorn, Sander Gribling, Yinan Li, Harold Nieuwboer, Michael Walter and Ronald de Wolf
16:50Faster quantum-inspired algorithms for solving linear systems
Changpeng Shao and Ashley Montanaro
17:00Quantum Probability Oracles & Multidimensional Amplitude Estimation
Joran van Apeldoorn
17:10Quantum-accelerated multilevel Monte Carlo methods for stochastic differential equations in mathematical finance
Dong An, Noah Linden, Jin-Peng Liu, Ashley Montanaro, Changpeng Shao and Jiasu Wang
17:30Poster session
19:30Cost of universality: A comparative study of the overhead of state distillation and code switching with color codes
Michael Beverland, Aleksander Kubica and Krysta Svore
19:40[Merged] Four-dimensional toric code with non-Clifford transversal gates & Locally unencoding the color code
Tomas Jochym-O’Connor and Theodore Yoder & Michael Vasmer and Aleksander Kubica
19:55Single-shot error correction and universal fault-tolerant computation with the three-dimensional subsystem toric code
Aleksander Kubica, Michael Vasmer and Joseph Iverson
20:05Fault-tolerant syndrome extraction and cat state preparation with fewer qubits
Prithviraj Prabhu and Ben Reichardt
20:15Pauli error estimation via Population Recovery
Steven Flammia and Ryan O’Donnell