Tuesday, July 6th

Pre-recorded talks – Tuesday, July 6th – Youtube playlist
9:30Poster session  
11:30Faster Coherent Quantum Algorithms for Phase, Energy, and Amplitude Estimation
Patrick Rall
11:40Quantum Algorithm for Finding the Optimal Variable Ordering for Binary Decision Diagrams
Seiichiro Tani
11:50A note about claw function with a small range
Andris Ambainis, Kaspars Balodis and Jānis Iraids
12:00Quantum Time-Space Tradeoff for Finding Multiple Collision Pairs
Yassine Hamoudi and Frederic Magniez
12:10Quantum lower bounds based on hardness of the 3SUM problem
Subhasree Patro, Harry Buhrman, Florian Speelman and Bruno Loff
12:40One-shot quantum state redistribution and quantum Markov chains
Anurag Anshu, Shima Bab Hadiashar, Rahul Jain, Ashwin Nayak and Dave Touchette
12:50Quantum state redistribution for ensemble sources
Zahra Baghali Khanian and Andreas Winter
13:00Entanglement consumption in attacks to Position Based Cryptography from geometry of Banach spaces
Aleksander Marcin Kubicki, Marius Junge, Carlos Palazuelos and David Pérez-García
13:10Upper bounds on device-independent quantum key distribution rates
Rotem Arnon-Friedman, Matthias Christandl, Roberto Ferrara, Karol Horodecki and Felix Leditzky
13:20New Approaches for Quantum Copy-Protection
Scott Aaronson, Jiahui Liu, Qipeng Liu, Mark Zhandry and Ruizhe Zhang
16:00Generalization in Quantum Machine Learning: a Quantum Information Perspective
Leonardo Banchi, Jason Pereira and Stefano Pirandola
16:10Tensor network decoding of arbitrary 2D Pauli codes
Christopher Chubb
16:20Thermalization in Kitaev’s quantum double models via Tensor Network techniques
Angelo Lucia, David Pérez-García and Antonio Pérez-Hernández
16:30Covariant Quantum Error Correcting Codes via Reference Frames
Yuxiang Yang, Mo Yin, Joseph Renes, Giulio Chiribella and Mischa Woods
16:40Oscillator-to-oscillator codes do not have a threshold
Lisa Hänggli and Robert König
17:00Business meeting            
18:15Invited talk: Srinivasan Arunachalam
Recent advances in learning quantum states
19:30Entanglement Induced Barren Plateaus
Carlos Ortiz Marrero, Maria Kieferova and Nathan Wiebe
19:40Dynamical entanglement
Gilad Gour and Carlo Maria Scandolo
19:50Bounding the classical capacity of a quantum channel assisted by classical feedback
Dawei Ding, Sumeet Khatri, Yihui Quek, Peter Shor, Xin Wang and Mark Wilde
20:00Hidden Variable Model for Universal Quantum Computation with Magic States on Qubits
Michael Zurel, Cihan Okay and Robert Raussendorf
20:10Quantum algorithm for Petz recovery channels and pretty good measurements
András Gilyén, Seth Lloyd, Iman Marvian, Yihui Quek and Mark Wilde